Hi there! I'm a Michigan based artist, paintings and tattoos are my two main mediums of work. I started out painting as a child all through grade school. My work was entered in many art shows and galleries along the way, eventually, overtime extending into college.  I decided last minute to enroll in graphic design to further my art skilll's digitally. After graduating and being distracted with work and life, time had gone by. Realizing that i had spent some time away from my degree, I decided to involve myself in more art related subjects to get back into what I enjoyed. Along the way I came across the appeal of tattooing and the Art that was captivating me the more and more time i spent showing interest.

  I began Tattooing in 2015, immediately falling passionately with this medium, I today find myself doing it as a career. Theres nothing else I would rather enjoy as a job than creating beautiful pieces of art and applying them to skin.

  I love working with color or black and grey, my style has more of a traditional to neo traditional look with what I create. Flowers, nature, animals, mandalas, anything inanimate or organic is what I excell at most. 


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